Skin Clinic membership Hot!

Limited Offer from Woori Skin Clinic!
With only $99/month, you receive complete cosmetic skin care with IPL laser, Vitaliont care, Toning treatment, mole/blotch removal (1 year membership required)!

1. Monthly Vitaliont care
2. Unlimited IPL laser treatment as needed
3. Unlimited SELLAS laser treatment as needed (May require extra vitaliont care for better management for $50/per)
4. Unlimited toning treatment as needed
5. Unlimited mole/skin tag/freckles removal
6. Discounted membership price of $1000 for 1200 shoots (financing available upon request)
7. Acne treatment is NOT included

* Remember: Woori Skin Clinics mission is to provide consistent and regular skin care and management for better health of your skin inside and out. Therefore, if you have missed your monthly vitaliont session, the session cannot be redeemed on the following month. (One Vitaliont session per month without exception).
* Woori Skin Clinic does not except gratuity.


◦ Brightens the skin tone
◦ FRegain your true youthful skin from freckles, acne, and wrinkle damage
◦ Direct injection of vitamin C in high concentration to suppress melanin discoloration and boost brightened skin formation

* Steps to maintain energetic and refreshing skin *

Cleaning - Deep cleansing to remove deep down dirt
Scailing - Remove dead tissue and minimalize pores
Lifting - Relax and hydrogenate facial muscle for lifting effect
Vitamin C - Freckles and blotch removal, rejuvenate skin with smoothing wrinkle effect with supplement collagen facial mask treatment to bring out smooth elastic skin texture and maximized hydrogenation and supplemental facial nutrients for brightening effect


◦ Transformation of acne spots, scars, pores, rough skin to clear beautiful skin
◦ Highly anticipated skin care loved by Korean celebrities. Sellas creates microscopic pores to introduce skin nutrients for faster rejuvenation for new skin layer formation in its simplest and safest method

* It is the most effective and safest technique for the best results in various scar removal and skin rejuvenation in current technology.

* Acne scar and depression treatment
* Blotch, pores, cellulite treatment
* Wrinkles, saggy skin improvement
* Freckle improvement
* Skin texture and tone improvement


◦ Wrinkle repair/improvement with just one session
◦ Skin tightening without painful surgery
◦ 5X stronger effect compare to the previous thermage models
◦ More than 80% pain reduction compare to the previous thermage models

* With age, more collagens in skin dissipates creating fine wrinkles and saggy skin.

* Thermage is a specially licensed technique using radiofrequency to enter deeper into the skin layer safely introducing heat to existing collagen, which stimulates collagen to promote new collagen formation for young and youthful skin.

? Photos of Before and After thermage treatment