Woori Medical Group places your health and quality first.

WMG, an outpatient clinic established in 2004, has grown steadily to become a medical multiplex delivering prestigious medical services in a single location. Equipped with the most advanced medical technology, we proudly serve the community of San Diego with a rapid diagnosis and treatment as well as a systematic cooperative infrastructure for the convenience of our patients. With utilization of an advanced EHR system, specialized physicians provide patient-centered medical care with a comprehensive and utmost accurate quality of care. WMG also focuses on providing the finest amenity and customer service for the comfort of our patients during their visit. WMG provides comprehensive medical checkups, diagnosis and treatment, continuous medical care, and also skin care services in the convenience of total health care in one single location. WMG will continue to devote in better quality of care for the health of San Diego community.


Woori Medical Group aims to provide patient-centered medical services to emphasize the importance of life and to improve the quality of individual’s every daily life. It is WMG’s mission to establish a specialized comprehensive medical system to provide a lifelong medical care leading a healthy community and make our contribution to the development of the medical industry.


With close interaction with local hospitals and medical facilities, Woori Medical Group visions healthy future of the people in our cherished community. WMG will always strive to cooperate in our community healthcare system to achieve utmost advanced medical services and quality of care.

Woori Medical Group is here to serve San Diego

To ensure the happy and healthy lifestyle of our patients, WMG provides compassionate patient care with expertise, trust, and welcoming atmosphere. To better serve our patients, WMG operates on an appointment system. However, same-day appointments are available upon urgent request and may receive necessary services.

Adoptation of the Most Advanced Medical Technology

With more than 40 years of clinical experience, we strive for early detection and complete treatment of the disease. For the most accurate and expedited diagnosis, WMG continues to adopt the most current and advanced medical technology to yield such essential findings. All radiology findings are digitalized for a detailed and prompt interpretation. In addition, our EHR system provides easy access of these records to our patients via Patient Portal.

1-Day 1-Stop Premium Preventive Care Program

Our 1-Day 1-Stop Premium Preventive Care Program is systemically structured to provide seamless and efficient preventive care service in one single location in one single visit. Our program is designed to customize according to the patient’s medical history and will also consider previously unavailable tests at different testing sites, and financial status such as lack of insurance coverage, or no insurance at all. WMG’s 1-Day 1-Stop Premium Preventive Care Program provides options of numerous testing fields at a level of a large institutional facility along with a detailed consultation to discuss the treatment plan.

Ro J. Park MD

Specialty: General Medicine, General Surgery

Kyung-Buk University School of Medicine, Korea

Kyung-Buk University SOM Surgery Residency, Korea

Macomb Hospitals Corp, Detroit MI

Valued Certification

  • American Board of Surgery
  • Medical Board of California
  • Michigan Board of Medicine
Consultation Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Choon S. Rim MD

Specialty: General Medicine, Neurology

Seoul University College of Medicine, Korea

Seoul University CM Neurology Residency, Korea

Henry Ford Hospital Neurology Residency, MI

Lafayette Clinic Neurology Fellowship, MI

Valued Certification

  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Medical Board of California
  • Michigan Board of Medicine
Consultation Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Jessica S. Baik MD

Specialty: Family Medicine

UAG Faculty of Medicine, MX

NUMC, NY, General Surgery Trans. Residency

Asan Medical Center, Korea, Preventive Medicine

MVHS SEMC, NY, Family Medicine Residency

Valued Certification

  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Medical Board of California
Consultation Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Digital Video Endoscopy
  • Digital Imaging
  • Multi-Channel Electrogram
  • Special procedures

Superior Imaging Quality with Dual Focus Magnification for Advancing Visualization Technology

Olympus Evis Exera HQ190 Endoscope provides provides clear and realistic HD endoscopic images for accurate diagnosis. Its Dual Focus Optical Imaging Technology enables identifcation of abnormal changes in mucous membranes with great detail. Narrow Band Imaging Technology provides brightness and contrast yielding superior image quality suitable as a diagnostic tool with high detection rate. Together with Olympus Evis Exera Universal Platform and Olympus Evis Lucera Elite Video Scopes, WMG effectively assesses the GI tract including stomach and colon, respiratory tract, ENT, and urology.

DynaRad Phantom High Frequency Mobile X-Ray System with Carestream DirectView Vita CR

DynaRad Phantom System utilizes superior power output to generate high quality images. With its extensive mobility, system provides fast procedure with great accuracy. In addition, Carestream DirectView digitalizes the image instanteously for prompt interpretation of the result.

Philips HD7 XE

Advanced intelligence of Philips HD7 ultrasound features an exceptional level of clinical performance providing patient comfort and diagnostic capacity for accurate diagnosis. Not only its high-quality photorealistic HD imagines are utilized in various clinical studies, its clinically tailored tools assesses even difficult to visualize cases to elevate the diagnostic confidence to a new level.

Bionet Cardio7 with SPM-7

Bionet Cardio7-S is equipped with a dual function of 12-Lead ECG and Pulmonary function test. Real time 12-lead ECG is reviewed with more than 130 different conditions to automatically diagnose according to the Advanced Minnesota Code. With recording ability upto 10 minutes, system can automatically detect arrhythmias and evaluate HRV and QRS with precision.

Cadwell Sierra Summit EMG

Sierra Summit EMG system utilizes various stimulators and technology to amplify, measure, and process the fine biosignals into digial signals, which can be stored and analyzed. Its superior quantitative analysis technology provides numerous analysis with EMG-biofeedback and rigorously interpretate the amplitudes via MVIC and RVC.

GE Lunar Achilles Quantitative DEXA Scan

Based on Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS), Lunar Achilles’s assessment of osteoporotic fracture risk equals the bone density criteria defined by the Central DXA. With high NPV, Lunar Achilles is a quick, convenient, and affordable test to distinguish the high- and low-risk population for the needs of requiring additional Central DXA. The procedure is performed in a comfortable sitting position without gel application or cause pain. Most importantly, the procedure does not involve any ionizing radiation exposure.

Local Anesthesia Surgery

With surgeon’s extensive experience and outstanding techniques, local anesthesia surgical procedures are performed safely and accurately. Local anesthesia procedures have higher success rates with short procedural time and minimal blood loss.

Patients are able to regain stable biorhythm to return to their normal daily activities with the highest safety and the lowest adverse effects.