Woori Skin Membership

For $119 per month, you can have clear beautiful skin!

1. Monthly iontophoresis therapy provides hydration and nutrients for smooth and more youthful glow
2. Special laser treatment 1: Combination of CO2 fraxel treatment with IPL therapy for mole and skintag removal as needed
3. Special laser treatment 2: IPL treatment for reduction of freckles and dispigmentation as needed
4. Special laser treatment 3: SELLAS treatment for pore tightening, acne scar reduction as needed
5. Special laser treatment 4: SPECTRA toning treatment for uneven skin tone and severe chloasma (Member discount applied)
6. Hydro injection treatment for intensive moisturization and glabellar wrinkle (frown lines) reduction (Member discount applied)
7. Thermage CPT 1,200 pulses (Member discount applied)
8. Membership term is one year. (No transfer or termination allowed in any circumstances)